Diy Garden Shed

Most of people usually need a little space to store the lawn mower, garden tools, and bicycles, recycling bins or other things. A garden shed is considered best storage space for these things. Building a garden shed yourself is not an easy task for any homeowner. It requires carpentry skills.

Here are few effective steps that will help you to build DIY garden shed.

  • Ever chose the flat site for building the garden shed. You can chose a corner site of ground but make sure that you can be able to walk easily around the shed during construction.
  • You should require various tools and materials for building DIY garden shed. Some main material that you need include a hammer, skill saw, grinder, concrete trowel, tape measure, cordless drill and much more.
  • You also need a concrete slab for your garden shed. You can also use a wooden floor instead of concrete slab.
  • Next step involve building the frames. You are to build each frame separately. Individual’s frames combined to form a main shed. You need to build two identical side walls. These side walls combined to form the shorter side of garden shed.
  • In next step you need to build front wall that contain the door and window. Window is not essential if you do not want. After that you need to build rear wall. It is simple wall that do not contain any door or window.
  • Next step involve erecting the three frames straight far ward. Three frames support the roof.
  • After erecting the frames on to the ground, next step is building the door and window in front wall or frame. Window is not essential if you don’t want. You can choose ant material for door but plywood is considered best.
  • You can use corrugated PVC or corrugated iron for garden shed roofing. You can use any type of material from shed roofing. Ever use the flat head roofing nails to attach the roof. You can use a silicon based sealant for protection against water.
  • Use of right cladding completes your project of garden shed.