Diy Wooden Playhouses

A wooden playhouse is an imaginative, beloved and most amazing place for children to play. Building a playhouse for your kid is a rewarding project that requires some basic carpentry skills and tools. It is not much difficult to build a playhouse for your kid by yourself at home. It just takes few weeks but your kids enjoy this place for many years. Here are few steps and guidelines those will help you to build a wooden play house for your kids easily and accordingly.

  • Construction of playhouse is totally different from regular home. A playhouse needs no foundation. You can move it from one place to another anytime when you need.
  • Build a frame from house that is 5 feet long and 4 feet wide and ever use 4 by 4 posts for frame. They support the playhouse when you move it from one place to another.
  • After developing the frame, mark the pieces of plywood and cut out with saw. Ever ensure that frame is square in shape, and then attach the plywood with frame with the help of galvanized screw.
  • Next step is to build playhouse walls. You do not need traditional techniques to build the playhouse walls. You need to build one wall on the top, one on bottom and four to make studs. Attach these walls with galvanized screw. Repeat the same process with other side walls.
  • Next step is to build roof of playhouse. Ever use the light material for play house roofing because it is totally different from traditional house. Cut out the roof sheathing and attach it with wall frames with the help of galvanized screw.
  • Place the shingles on the playhouse roof.
  • In next step use tape measure to mark the dimension of playhouse door and window. You can use pieces of plywood in order to build playhouse door and window.
  • Attach the hinges to door and window sides. Cut the window in two half and place two hinges on each half of window.
  • Paint the playhouse with an attractive color that makes your kid to feel special.
  • Playhouse is ready to play.