Feng Shui Landscape Design 4

feng shui landscape design

image: feng shui landscape design

feng shui landscape design

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Sustainable Landscape Design

Sustainable landscaping is comprises of numerous practices that tackle ecological issue related to landscaping design, construction, implementation and management of commercial and residential landscapes. Almost every homeowner today want landscaping to provide some effective functional spaces such as children play area, entertainment area, backyard, vegetable garden etc. landscaping also provide shade to the home owners. In order to get benefit from these things, all the elements require an extra input as well as efforts.

A typical landscape usually requires an extra input, money, time, labor, chemicals, water, and fertilizer. If you are in desire to design a sustainable landscape in your home without many efforts, money, labor and input by yourself, then you need to follow few tips, these are as follows.

  • In order to develop a sustainable landscape in your home, first of all you need to make a proper plan. You need to analyze the site or location where you want to build a sustainable landscape. You also need to consider some other factors such as exposure of wind and sun, availability of water, ground slope, shade, available moisture, air movement and soil type. By considering these important factors in your mind and proper planning, it is easier for you to maintain an effective sustainable landscape.
  • In next step you need to asses that for what purpose you want to develop or build sustainable landscape. There are numerous function of landscape such as to provide beauty, a space for growing plants and food, a place for children play, wildlife habitat, erosion control, climate control or other.
  • Consider you local climate conditions, place vines or trees near the house in order to block the summer sun heat and maintain a cool temperature. Planning phase also involve the solution of different problems such as poor drainage or hard clay. Draw a sketch of your home landscape on paper with the help of pencil. It will help to easily identify the problems and discovers their solution.
  • Healthy soil, low water using plants, irrigation and water efficiency are considered some most effective things that help you in building a sustainable landscape easily and accordingly.