Sloped Backyard

sloped backyard

image: sloped backyard

sloped backyard

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Garden Fence Ideas

Garden fence is most effective and excellent way to keep invader and marauding mammals away from your food crops and landscape planting. It is the best and excellent way to protect your crops, vegetables and plants against invaders that prey during your absence or on night time. The type and size of garden fence usually depends upon the kind of mammals you are trying to keep away from your garden and landscape. A typical two feet chicken wire fence discourages the rabbit but a dreadful barrier is essential in order to deal with large mammals such as raccoons, deer, skunks etc.

Availability of wood, wires, tools and various other materials make it easier for a home owner to build a garden fence by yourself at home without any help of professional r an expert. Here are some effective ideas that will help you to build an effective and protective garden fence in an excellent and easiest way.

  • Material that is used in building the garden fence is much important. High quality material offer high protection and safety against the invaders. A solid wooden fence is much attractive as well as defensive but somewhat expensive and difficult to install. A wooden fence usually requires a regular maintenance which seems to be more costly. You can build a wooden fence at home by yourself with the help of some carpentry tools and skills.
  • Electric fence or wire fence is considered less costly compare to wooden fence because it does not require regular maintenance.
  • Before building the fence, first of all you need to mark the corner where you want to install fence. Properly measure the length on marks in order to build a fence that fit with required area. If you are installing an electric fence then keep in mind that ever install electric fence about two foot above the ground and at least three foot from chicken wire. Usually big animals like deer find it much difficult to jump over the five feet mesh chicken wire fence and electric fence does not allow them from scaling the wall.